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Budapest- Style "Dali" - kopie
1 610,00 Kč (59.63 €)
Budapest- Style "Dali"
1 610,00 Kč (59.63 €)
nejnovější produkty
Budapest- Style "Dali" - kopie
1 610,00 Kč (59.63 €)
Budapest- Style "Dali"
1 610,00 Kč (59.63 €)

Belgrade CitySpy map, edition 2015-16

Amsterdam CitySpy map, edition 2014-15 - kopie - kopie
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katalogové číslo: CSM-BEO-2014
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49,00 Kč (1.81 €)
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Latest edition of CitySpy map.

Printed on 120gm heavy paper, unfolded size A3 (430x 320mm), folded 72x160mm

Original map &  guide - full of great tips & info

Made for spirited enthusiastic people w/ the desire to spend less money for a better time! A traveller guide with tips designed for those w/ a greater expectation from every moment of city exploration.

Maps, HOT underground tips, events & ‘to do’s’ during travels in European cities.  

Covering over 15 cities w/ a million in print every year always free to travellers. Crucial tips from specialised team of agents discovering the true essence of city travel.

We have been searching this continent for 2 decades squeezing the truth out of every offer. ‘We get lost so that you may find’ is one of our mottos!

All our info is totally current & dynamic to the bone.

5* rating for underground culture & solid reliable taste.

By the experts in ‘gettin’ you around’ trust CitySpy in your mobile to take you further than ever.


We offer a network of cities all achieving the same niche style.. We are alternative, punk, new wave, low tech, high quality, budget, seeking & fun loving..

We are locals using locals to make you prime directives for city discovery. All about culture, music, parties, pubs, clubs, art & of course the day to night tips on food, drink, the services you will need.

Real experience with the specific motive of selecting the places & events that make each city so special

This map & the info within is not a game, life is short & your opportunity to travel you first or last better be the greatest it can be

Simple to the point razor sharp reviews & a select of the best.. not the most fancy but definitely the soul of the city


backpackers”, students & budget savvy city hoppers love us just read up what we find in our mail.box.


“First of all, big thank you for your great maps. I've used them in Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam. All of them have been really good”.


“Thank you very much for the map of Prague! I received it from a friend and I already borrowed it to another friend! It’s amazing! Unique, complete, helpful and really "oldie, but very goldie". It became a legacy in our group of friends! All the best from Romania!”


“I have been into Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Bratislava this summer. The CitySpy maps were a real trip companion and much of a benefit during the one month i spent. Big thanks to the people responsible for this project. I recommend that you do a similar map for Beirut as it is a magnet for tourists and couch-surfers in this part of the world”


“Hello... I made an InterRail this summer, and I luckily found your maps in Praha. They are great, fun, and helpful!!! Keep up the good work!! The maps are really amazing!! Thank you! You certainly deserve a donation..!! Bye…”


“I´m a big fan of your maps I already used in two different cities (Berlin - Praha).

First of all BIG THANK YOU for doing this and to put so much energy and talent in this kind of independent project

so……. as you can see we know what we do & who we do it for. Enjoy the map & the info!.

Amsterdam CitySpy map, edition 2014-15 - kopie - kopie
Amsterdam CitySpy map, edition 2014-15 - kopie - kopie
Amsterdam CitySpy map, edition 2014-15 - kopie - kopie
Amsterdam CitySpy map, edition 2014-15 - kopie - kopie
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